Sustainable Wood from Sustainable Forests

In response to the planets ever worsening climatic changes, sustainable wood is a natural and eco-friendly solution to some of the problems we now face. Sustainable timber produced from well managed sources can truly be described as one of the planets most valuable resources. It is a recyclable material that can be produced on a mass scale, to be used in a whole variety of different purposes. Have a look around you now; you can see timber products from doors to skirting boards to furniture and things you can’t see from floor joists to roof trusses and stud walls. Sustainable wood and sustainable timber have to form some part of the answer to our world’s climate changes.

Sustainable Forests

Sustainable forests that are harvested and re-planted to give us sustainable woods are the only place to look when purchasing any timber. There are various bodies of certification for sustainable timber that ensure all wood is from a fully managed sustainable forest. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is probably the most widely recognised of these.

Sustainable Construction

A design commercial approach to sustainable timber production is a practice we must embrace if we are to help the world get out of the climatic catastrophe that is surely coming. Timber is an ecologically sound product, we can in theory maintain a balance in the amount of timber we harvest to the amount of new trees that are planted.

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